Why Turf King Fertilizer is Better
Turf King gives your lawn the best possible lawn fertilizer. It takes the same amount of time to fertilize your lawn, whether we are spreading high quality fertilizer or mediocre fertilizer. Our fertilizer also contains organic components that will continue to feed your lawn for up to a year or more. And, it contains our organic Kelp Supplement which supplies essential plant hormones and micronutrients.

Our 3 fertilizer programs are equivalent to most other companies 4 fertilizer programs. Most do a spring, late spring, summer and fall feeding. Our fertilizer lasts longer. To achieve the same we apply our fertilizer in spring, summer and fall.

Our 4 fertilizer programs are applied in the spring, summer, fall and winter (late fall- mid-October to mid-November). This is better than a company applying 5 of the regular fertilizers.

Our fertilizer is a 75% slow release product. Retail products such as Scott's or C-I-L Golfgreen are both about 40% slow release. The slow release components make fertilizer more expensive but they also make them better. Slow release fertilizers also make it easier on you as the homeowner. Many lawn companies need you to water your lawn after their fertilizer applications to reduce the chance of burning. With us, even in the heat of the summer, there is no need to water the fertilizer in. Watering will make our fertilizer work faster, but watering in is not required.

Supplement-Root Proliferator     
What are the benefits of Turf King?s new fertilizer/nutrient supplement?

Acceleration and increase of root mass and volume
Improves overall lawn health
Improved nutrient absorption
More efficient use of water
Greater tolerance to drought
Greater resistance to disease
Reduced insect damage
Stimulates soil microbial activity
Reduces thatch accumulation
Reduces toxicity in the soil
Increases seed germination
Helps lawns to crowd out weed

Our Root Proliferator is derived from plants. The process results in natural compounds, that because they are produced from plants, grass recognizes them and readily absorbs them. The calcium that is part of the compound, is very loosely bound in the particle, and is then quickly released and becomes available to the plant. This is unlike other agents that either are bound tightly, or are alone, like pure calcium or lime. The other products take a very long time being absorbed by the plants, and have very little effect. That?s why when applying something like lime to soil; it takes so much to have any measurable effect on the soil or plant. Once inside the plant, these nutrients fuel the Kreb Cycle, which stimulates root growth. The addition of calcium in this manner also has the most dramatic effect on ph. Our soils in this area, are not the most conducive for plant health and growth. Our Root Proliferator also affects the nutrients that have been bound up in our soil particles, making them available to the plant as well. Research has indicated, that results can usually been measured in the first year of application (unlike the 5-10 years it takes for other soil amendments.

Safe to use
Not harm to plants
Not Phytotoxic
Deeper roots and better plant health protect your grass from drought and heat damage as well as other stresses that can negatively affect the lawn.

Nutrients- Potassium
What is Potassium? Potassium is a chemical element. It has the symbol "K" (Kalium).The name "potassium" comes from the word "potash", as potassium was first isolated from potash. Potassium is a soft silvery-white metallic substance.

What is the role of Potassium in plant Nutrition?

It is essential in plant growth This is the third number on a bag of fertilizer. Plants use it in great quantity, second only to nitrogen, which is the first number.

Potassium plays important roles in enhancing turfgrass stress tolerance (i.e., drought, heat, cold, wear, disease.)
Potassium helps build in winter hardiness. It helps the grass withstand the cold of winter.
It increases tolerance to moisture stress by reducing transpiration (loss of water through the blades). Grass needs less water when it has enough potassium.
Potassium increases the lawns durability under use. It strengthens leaf blades, enabling grass to recover from heavy foot traffic and stress.
Potassium increases plant re-growth vigor.
Potassium improves disease resistance.
It helps N produce the deep green color associated with healthy turf.
Potassium helps plant to withstand insect attacks.
Many of the soil tests we have done on lawn soils in this area have shown the soils to be deficient in Potassium. Although our Turf King fertilizer is higher than most other brands in its potassium content, extra potassium may be helpful in increasing the health of your lawn.

Top O’M’
Top Up Your Soil’s Organic Matter with DryTopdressing- WEED FREE!
Organic Matter Supplements the Health of Your Soil
Top dress with Turf King’s Concentrated Pelletized Topdressing

We are pleased to be offering an organic compost top dressing, a new pelletized material that gives the benefits of top dressing without the clumps of material smothering the grass. We believe it to be the one of the most environmentally sound waysto keep lawn soft, lush, safe, healthy and green.
Over time, your lawn’s soil can become tired and unfertile. Turf King’s Top O’M dressing program – a fortified mix of topsoil, compost and other micro-nutrients – is designed to reintroduce beneficial nutrients to restore the health of your lawn’s soil.
Features and Benefits: All the benefits of added Organic Matter without the bulk and moisture. Our Topdressing is derived from leaf and yard waste or worm castings and is easy to apply with a fertilizer spreader.

 Organic matter is known to increase soil water holding capacity resulting in increased drought tolerance and higher irrigation efficiency.
 Organic matter also acts as a food source for increased microbial activity. This reduces thatch problems.
 Increases soil water-holding capacity resulting in increased drought tolerance and increased irrigation efficiency.
 Boosting Organic matter by 1% can increase drought tolerance by 50%.
 Increases soil nutrient holding capacity, maximizing plant nutrient uptake.
 Acts as a chelator (a holder) of nutrients holding them in the root zone when otherwise they would be leached from the soil.
 A healthier lawn resists pests and disease.
 High compost solids means lower rate of application vs. other wet compost.
 Granular crumble allows the use of fertilizer spreader and wide application swath vs. a specialized compost drop spreader or fork and rake.
 Reduced labour, no compost pile in the yard, etc.
 No smell when wet because it does not contain animal by-products or manure. Contains little water (10%) vs. regular compost (can be up to 50%)
 Environmentally friendly to your grass
 Does not contain processed sewage.
 Safe around children and pets
 Non-polluting, safe around lakes and streams
 Does NOT contain Weed Seeds

Where to Use Topdressing:
 To stimulate microbial activity where soil health has been compromised by chemical fertilizer and pesticide usage.
 On sandy and low organic matter soils.
 On heavy soils to promote improved tilth.
 At grass seeding for improved establishment.
 At soil aeration.
 Any place where compost is needed to improve the soil Organic Matter status, tilth, water holding capacity and soil quality.
 This product should be used as part of a complete lawn fertility program.