Bio Stimulant- TLC Soil Conditioner     
Use TLC to improve the health of your lawn and plants such as trees & shrubs. Long used by hydroponic growers and by organic farmers.

Food Source for Microbial Activity
Stimulates Root and Top Growth for Trees and Lawns
Improves Soil Structure, reduces Soil Compaction

TLC is a rich organic liquid solution containing plant extracts, humic acid, and North Atlantic kelp. It takes a holistic approach because it addresses the needs of the plant above the ground and below in the soil. It provides a broad spectrum of organic materials including amino acids, complex sugars, and vitamins to benefit the plant and improve soil structure.

TLC contains kelp extract recognized as an excellent source of cytokinins, a natural biostimulant. Along with enzymes, cytokinins aid in the metabolism and plant respiration, photosynthesis, and colour improvement. Root development and cell division are enhanced, and the plant's resistance to stress is improved. These nutrients are absorbed and utilized by the plant. TLC contains humic acid that acts as a hormone to encourage plant growth.

TLC's organic solution is a liquid compost that replenishes the soil with important carbon rich nutrients to improve soil quality and provide a food source for soil microbes. Beneficial microorganisms need organic matter as a food source to survive and increase their population. TLC has a high carbon content which slowly decomposes, restoring organic matter back into the soil. This is especially important in overworked urban settings. By adding organic matter back to soils that have been depleted, even the most difficult soils can be improved. This is especially important on heavy soils.

On clay soils, compaction and nutrient availability problems can occur because of the lack of organic matter. Fertilizers alone cannot correct the problem and can lead to a build up of harmful salts. TLC's organic matter and wetting agent can penetrate the encrusted soil and begin restoration. The ingredients reduce compaction by rearranging soil platelets to allow air and water penetration.

TLC can be used at any time of year even in extreme heat or drought conditions. TLC does not contain salts and so will not injure delicate roots. TLC can be applied at any time, but works slightly quicker after an aeration. Please note although TLC can be applied in the heat, aerations are not normally recommended in drought conditions

A natural wetting agent ensures that TLC's ingredients can penetrate compacted soil. As well, foliar applications allow nutrients to be absorbed and utilized quickly.

The active humic acid alters soil structure, solubilizing materials like iron and phosphorus, and improving cation exchange capacity to improve water absorption and retention.  An increased cation exchange capacity means the soil has a greater ability to retain nutrients.

TLC assures a greater seed germination and rooting.  The humic acid and the natural wetting agent speed this up by softening the seed coat.